Loan Interest Rates

Sr.NoType of LoanSegmentSlabRate of Interest (%age P.A.)
1Crop Loan/ST Agri./ Kisan Credit CardCooperative Societies & Individuals.Up to Rs. 3000007
2M.T. AgricultureAll borrowers10.50
3FloricultureAll borrowers10.50
4Irrigation LoanCoop. Soc. Union federations. / Others inclusive Ind. association Boards Corp. etc.10.50
5Tractor LoanSocieties Union federations / Others inclusive Ind. Association Boards Corp. etc. / Commercial10.50
6Agri. clinic/Agri. Business Centre/ Custom Hiring-Cum Service Centre.All borrowersUp to Rs. 2 Lacs / above Rs. 2 Lacs10.50
7Direct Limit to Horticulturists*Up to Rs. 50000 / Above Rs. 5000010.50
8Sponsored cases under Schemes of NB/GOI/NHB etc. (Incl. Rural Go down Loan Scheme)All categories of eligible borrowers11
9M.T. Non-AgricultureT/C Coop. Societies & individuals11.50
10House LoanAll categories8.90
11Personal loanEmp. of Board Corp. Govt. etc. Others/individuals11.90
12Vehicle LoanAll categories of borrowers for personal vehicle Commercial purpose8.95 (Up to 7years)
13Vehicle Loan for old carGovt. Emp.No slab10.5
14Hotel/ Motel loanAll categories of borrowersNo slab11
15Self-Employment/ K & VIB/SGYS/SJSRY Rural Housing/ SC/ ST Dev. Corp. & Women Dev. Corp /SAMFEX (Non-Farm)/DICAll categories of eligible borrowers.Self-Employment 12.00 PMEGP 12.00 SGSY 12.00 SJRSY 12.00 SCST DEV Corporation (all categories) 12.00 Women Dev Corporation 12.00 SEMFEX Non Farm 12.00 MMSY 12.00
16Term Loan/ CC Limit/ Working Capital Limits to Board & Corps.Board & corporation etc.As negotiated by HO on case to case basis
18L.A.B.O.D.Upto Rs. 50 Lacs / Above Rs. 50 lacs. / Cash Credit Limits & against 3rd party security.1 percent higher on interest allowed on TD. 1.00percent higher on interest allowed on TD. 1.00percent higher on interest allowed on TD. 1.50percent higher on interest allowed on TD.
19Loan against NSC/ KVP / LIC PolicyAll categories of borrowers including banks own staff12
20Cash Credit (Hypothecation Limit) and Working Capital limits to tradersCoop. Soc Union Federations / IndividualsUpto Rs. 5 Lacs Above Rs. 5 Lacs11
21Cash Credit (Pledge) LimitCoop. Soc Union Federations Individuals & othersUpto Rs. 10 Lacs / Above Rs. 10 Lacs11
22Swarojgar Credit Card11
23ICDP LoanAs per sanction letter.
24Bank StaffHBA Vehicle loan/Personal loan Vehicle loan old car CC limit LABOD Retired StaffStaff on rolls , Retired Staff7.75 (Monthly Compounded) 0.25percent higher than the interest allowed on TD 0.25 percent higher than the interest allowed on TD.
25Loan against PropertyAll categories of eligible borrowers.12
26NRLMAll categories of eligible borrowers.12
27All Loans except JCCB/Staff LoanRs 100/- per annum to be charged for security checking.Rs 100/- per annum to be charged for security checking.Rs 100- per annum to be charged for security checking.
28Education LoanIndividual / Bank Staff10.50 8.50
29Cash Credit Limit to ContractorsAll Categories of Govt. Contractors12
30Cash Credit Limit Against Immovable PropertyAll categories of eligible borrowers.12
31Special Personal Loan/Scheme for Truck Operators.Truck Operators registered with societies/unions &whose freight accounts are maintained with the Bank.12.5
32OD HBAExisting and new customer of the Bank who have availed House LoanHouse Loan Rate +1percent
33Loan Against SalaryGovt. Employees who are drawing salary through the Bank Branches of JCCB.
34Two Wheeler LoanAll Categories of borrower except Bank Staff / Bank Staff
35Cash Credit Limit to Contractors All Categories of Govt. Contractors
36Cash Credit LimitAll categories of eligible borrowers.
37Mukhya Mantri Swavlamban Yojna
38Transport Loan Scheme